Boomer's Log - 2010-07-05
Right, I've decided I'm gonna release the first Alpha of the mod as is, not gonna tamper any more with it,
so within the next few days there will be a Only War 2 Alpha 0.1 uploaded to the site and made available to the public.

However, keep in mind that it will be reaaaaaaaally buggy and all kinds of glitchy. So if anyone does take it for a spin, remember to
post everything you encounter in the bug reports section of the forum: Bug Report

I'll post another one of these devlogs when I've uploaded the bugfest to the ftp.

Emperor Protects.
July 5, 2010 by Boomerang Python

Boomer's Log - 2010-05-29
Hey folks

Been a bit ill lately so, not much has happened since last time, but I might be able to get it uploaded soon though,
need to do some test plays with someone first, the menu buttons can go screw themselves ..for now.
Stay tuned!

Emperor Protects.
May 29, 2010 by Boomerang Python

Boomer's Log - 2010-01-19
Most graphical things are now sorted and ingame, so I've now moved on to the menus and commandbars and what not, which means lots and lots of tinkering..

After I've sorted this bothersome little task the only things left to do is change all the prices,
build times and locomotor speeds and such simple balancing things, and make one or two simple tiberium free maps.

Things are looking up, expect some sort of news post pretty soon with some screens of the beta Guard toolbar and more.

Emperor Protects.
January 19, 2010 by Boomerang Python

News Update - 080709
Alright so it's been a "couple" of days and well the space marine i wanted to show you still isn't
ingame nor has the basilisk crew been fixed yet this is mainly due to an unfortunate turn of events
leading to the purchase of Super Smash Bros. Brawl (best game ever btw.)

Needless to say work has been somewhat stalled because of it.. it should pick up some speed
in a few weeks tho.. (hopefully.. i repeat.. awesome game ^_^)
So yeah we didn't manage to put it ingame yet but that doesn't mean we can't show a render to you.

Also i mentioned I'd post some more Basilisk pictures and for what its worth here they are
(again without animated bits mind you). And as a bonus I decided to slap in a render of some
of our Civil models aswell.

Shouldn't be too long before the next update.. but until next time, enjoy these screens and..
Emperor Protects.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

July 9, 2008 by Boomerang Python

News Update - 070723
7 months later, passing the release of CnC3, and soon passing the release of the CnC3 Mod SDK.

Soon, work will recommence on Only War 2, but until the SDK is released we will lay dormant in our pits, vigilant, awaiting the moment the battle flames up anew.

Soon Guardsmen! The time will come to prove your worth to the Emperor and the Enemy!
July 23, 2007 by Boomerang Python

News Update - 070102
------------------------------------------------- 20%
------------------------------------------------- 50%
------------------------------------------------- 80%
------------------------------------------------- 100%.... DONE

Thought for the Day: The graves of the warriors who have given their lives for the Emperor now outnumber the stars themselves.

The planetary comm. station has been experiencing technical difficulties yet again. The servitors that carried out the poor quality repairs have been re-formatted and those that programmed them have been executed.

There has been little activity on the planet surface of late. The servants of The Emperor grow idle. News of Greenskin activity in a nearby system has however garnered the interest of the team. Expect reports on the Greenskin activities.

Behold: The Greenskin "Grot Bomb"

Posted Image

Until next time, Emperor Protects.

January 2, 2007 by Calamity_Jones

News Update - 061110
------------------------------------------------- 20%
------------------------------------------------- 50%
------------------------------------------------- 80%
------------------------------------------------- 100%.... DONE

Thought for the Day: Inspiration grows from the barrel of a gun.

Lately, our planetary comm-station went down and we havent been able to reach the fleet in orbit for a long time (this due to a xeno incursion),
but the techpriests and enginseers have been working hard to get a forward comm-station up and they're finally done. This is the first word
we've been able to get off-planet for a long time, so we'll instead of making one big update, post two less big updates.

The first part of this report is about the reinforcements the Adeptus Astartes has been getting from the Fortress Monastaries on Ultramar
these last couple of days. The Terminators, fierce warriors in the best infantry armour the imperium has to muster and the deadliest
weapons any infantryman could ever dream of carrying.

Posted Image

The second part of this report is about some necron recon picts that were taken earlier this month by the scouts we sent out,
apparantly this planet has a large concentration of tomb sites, they've all been starting to come to life the last 3 weeks.
According to High Command, these little robotic things are little threat to even one single guardsman,
but thats the problem, they dont come one and one, they operate in swarms.

Posted Image

The third part of this report is about some more recon picts that were taken near the recently activated tombs,
this however is more disturbing than the reported scarab picts, because this.. is one of the heavier
necrons that could take out tanks, if we loose our tanks, we dont stand much chance against the looming threat of the necrons.

Posted Image

The fourth and last part of this report is something the navy wanted to put in as a note, they spotted greenskins while on one of their patrol runs in the system, they think they've got a base somewhere in this system.

Posted Image

Until next time, Emperor Protects.

November 10, 2006 by Boomerang Python

Calamity Jones' Log
LOG: 08.07.2006

Not much to say on Only War 2, however, much is underway in Only War 1...

Since most of Only War 1 is now finished, I'm now working on the AI... It's coming along quite nicely too, the entire Cadian AI is finished and a good healthy portion of the Tau one is done.

Aside from AI-ing, I'm doing a few tweaks to the code here and there, suffice to say... Only War will be excellently balanced.. I've been balancing it for months :p
July 8, 2006 by Calamity_Jones

Marcjs' Log
Log Number 01

Date: 07-07-06

--------------------------INCOMING TRANSMISSION-----------------------------
Tyrael Commander of The Imperial Cruiser Morning Grace
Location: Orbit above Imperial Military World Purgatory
Mission: Protect Purgatory for increasing Pirate Presence

Mission log:

The waiting is always the worst not knowing when they will come what action they will take ..... Bloody pirates after fighting the chaos fleets in the last the Black Crusade how did i get here, to fighting mesley pirates who have neither a sense of honour or of any grasp of miltary tactics. i could get into a thunderbolt on my own and still chase those fools away were has it all gone the glory of old days i guess ... i was too .... distacted to see it all it wash away. and now i wait the pirates will soon be here and then ill send them straight too ........ Sir Sir What? Ships approaching their not pirate ships The Emperor Grants my wishes quickly these days ..... BATTLESTATIONS BRING ALL GUNS TO BEAR.. .........

-----------------------------TRANSMISSION END---------------------------------

I thought i would spice up my log with a story :) that i will carry on with each log prehaps it might go somewere

but anyway as par to boombers request ive started work on the Marine Strike Crusier should be finished at the end of this weekend hopefully.

On a side note:
any one with some pictures of the Strike cruiser could you please post a link or an attachment to them rear and the bottom shots are a must :D

NB. nice format for the rules boomer ^_^
July 7, 2006 by Marcjs

Boomer's Log
LOG: 2006-??-??

Well right now, I've just finished unwraping the Guardsman, and now its time to start texturing it..
Updates to follow. I'm also modeling some Support Weapons for the Guard.
July 7, 2006 by Boomerang Python