Active - Only War and Only War 2:

Boomerang Python

Inactive/Contributors - Only War 1 contributors included as well as OW2 contributors, due to reused assets:

Hobbes99, Killakanz, Torn, Calamity Jones, Duke_Qa, Sam, Juggernaut, CrimsonMerc, Elron, Nathaniel Chambers, Daniel Rodrigues, War2099, DemonicEgg, Invader Zim, Leighman, Sp4rk4tr0n, Qwerttty, Sredni Vashtar, Yale Music, Omnisight, Macragge, intelli, DJRowley, Gabriel, Kained, Lockheed, P4p3Rc1iP, vexD

The Only War 2 team give special thanks to all those who have supported and contributed but haven't been mentioned.